Polished Marbles

Polished marbles may very well be our most sophisticated collection. From the London Smoke to the Carrara Levigato, this set of marble tiles will bring a touch of elegance to even the simplest surface. Available in 2 sizes and 8 colors. London Smoke 80×80 Polished and Rectified Carrara Levigato 80×80 Polished and Rectified Bardiglio Beige…

Outdoor 18/20mm

Patios, balconies, gardens,… This 18mm collection will give style to any of your outdoor locations. Everest Sand 60×60 18mm R11 Everest Grey 60×60 18mm R11 Everest Ivory 60×60 18mm R11 Terrazzo Piasentina Beige 60×60 18mm Terrazzo Bach 60×60 18mm – R11 Terrazzo Brenta 60×60 18mm – R11 Terrazzo Bluestone 60×60 18mm – R11 Terrazzo Wagner…


This collection conveys a traditional mood and a timeless elegance, and yet at the same time is also able to characterize architectural and interior design projects with a modern appeal. F-Stone Sabbia Rectified Available in sizes: 30X60 / 60X60 / 80X80 F-Stone Grigio Rectified Available in sizes: 30X60 / 60X60 / 80X80 F-Stone Cenere Rectified…


With its metropolitan look, this porcelain stoneware is born to address today’s design for an high-value result. Space Warm 90X90 Rett. Space Warm 30×60 Rett. Space Warm Mosaico 30×30 Space Warm 60×60 Rett. Space Warm 60×120 Rett. Space Ash 90X90 Rett. Space Ash 30×60 Rett. Space Ash Mosaico 30×30 Space Ash 60×60 Rett. Space Ash…


Available in 2 sizes and 2 colors, this collection is born from the union of terracotta and concrete to form a perfect marriage that gives your space an almost “dirty” and yet polished look. Transit Grey 61×61 Transit Taupe 61×61 Transit Grey 30,5×61 Transit Taupe 30,5×61 Skirtings and Mosaics available OTHER COLLECTIONS


Coming in 4 colors, this 30×120 collection donates a “wild” and yet elegant appeal to your everyday furniture. A fantastic blend of natural and contemporary designs. Masai Beige 30×120 Rett. Masai Avana 30×120 Rett. Masai Grey 30×120 Rett. Skirtings and Mosaics available OTHER COLLECTIONS


Inspired by the chromatic effects of concrete and natural stones, this collection grants a strong personality to your space, which can be used to customize any type of project, whether residential or public. Dream Graphite 80×80 Rett. Dream Smoke 80×80 Rett. Dream Grey 80×80 Rett. Dream Taupe 80×80 Rett. Skirtings and Mosaics available OTHER COLLECTIONS